You can stream video or music through TV app in realtime. There are information about how to apply Streaming, the specification that TV supports and many other topics with helpful examples in this page.

Creating a Video Application With HAS (HTTP Adaptive Streaming)

Tutorial describes the use of the HAS (HTTP Adaptive Streaming) features of the Samsung Applications service and demonstrates how to create an application featuring HAS content playback

Guideline for Smooth Streaming Application Developers

This document describes the features and the specification of Smooth Streaming.

MMS streaming problem - Windows 2008 server

Streaming policy for default ports using different streaming protocols

Play Audio and Video

Introduction to playing audio and video on Samsung Smart TV.

Player Specification

This specification describes the codecs and the protocols supported by Samsung Smart TV.

RTSP Specification

RTSP Specification

URL Parameters for HTTP Adaptive Streaming Content

URL Parameters for HTTP Adaptive Streaming Content