It will help you to resolve the issues you may have for developing Web App by reading through this documentation. It explains UI, JavaScript and some tips about developing apps using HTML.

Adding a Scroll Bar

Adding a Scroll Bar

Application does not launch on Samsung platform

Troubleshooting why the applications fail to open on SmartTV

Browser Specifications

Short reference for HTML5 and CSS3 browser specifications.

Character Sensitivity

Character Sensitivity on Broadcom target

childNodes.length difference

Different calculation for childNodes.length on 2012 platform

Coding Your JavaScript Application: Sample Code

Coding Your JavaScript Application: Sample Code

Content automatically scrolled down on 2012 platform

Focus location depending on the anchor position which can result in scrolling the content.

Content text formatted as a hyperlink

Difference in handling the non-closed anchor tag on the 2012 platform

Creating a News Application

This tutorial describes basic ways to use the AppsFramework by creating an application showing news data retrieved from XML files by parsing them.

Creating a News Data Application

This tutorial describes creating a simple news data application under current service by Samsung Smart TV

Creating Dynamic Web Pages

Creating Dynamic Web Pages

CSS parsing error

How to avoid potential CSS parsing errors on 2011 platforms onwards

CSS3 Browser Specification

CSS3 Browser Specification

Defining CSS Contents

Defining CSS Contents

Difference in New Line Marker on 2012 platform

New line character encoding for 2012 devices

document.body [null] error

Troubleshooting document.body errors on 2012 devices

Get XML attribute on 2012 platform

XML attributes referencing on different SmartTV platforms

Handling Images

Handling Images

How to handle error player events?

Proper assignment of callback functions to plugin player native events

How to use Date() on 2012 platform

Date and time return values on 2012 platform

HTML 5 Specification

HTML 5 Specification

Issue when response is null for POST type request on 2012 platform

Troubleshooting null responses from the server on 2012 platform

Issue when username and password are sent on 2012 platform

Proper method of sending login credentials over XHR on 2012 platform


Introduction to Samsung Smart TV JavaScript APIs which give greater control over application tasks and processes when developing web-based applications for Samsung Smart TV. Samsung Smart TV JavaScript APIs include features like input control, UI, AllShare, convergence, Smart Interaction and more.

JavaScript animations not working on 2012 platform

Position and length style calculation on 2012 platform when the units are not specified.

Layout broken due to letter-spacing problem on 2012 platform

Text overflowing its container on 2012 platform due to different font rendering.

Nodename with # on 2012 platform

Parsing nodes containing # character

Parent and child visibility on 2012 platform

Different visibility calculations when both parent and child elements have visibility property set.

Pop-up elements not shown on 2012 platform

Difference in parent and child z-index interpretation on 2012 platform

Table column with child elements resized on 2012 platform

Different table cell width calculations on 2012 platform when there is a child element with specified width.

Table elements alignment on 2012 platform

Text-align property processing by 2012 and older platform browsers

Table inside a floating box resized on 2012 platform

Different table width calculation on 2012 platform when it is located within a floating element.

Text displayed vertically on 2012 platform

Different text alignment for elements with absolute position on 2012 platform

Using namespaces on 2012 platform

New methods on 2012 platform for getting XML elements and attributes created within namespaces.

Vertical displacement of some parts of text

Different vertical alignment due to different interpretation of line-height style on 2012 platform

What is the available z-index range in my applications?

Setting the appropriate elements order within the recommended z-index range.

XML parser’s white space processing

Differences in text nodes processing on the 2012 platform.

XMLHttpRequest : overrideMimeType on 2012 platform

XMLHttpRequest : overrideMimeType on 2012 platform