Debugging is required when the cause of errors are not clear while developing Samsung Smart TV app. Samsung Smart TV SDK offers most of tools that are needed to debug apps. It explains about the cause of common errors of Samsung Smart TV apps and debugging process in different versions and years.

JS Debugger

JS Debugger

Remote Web Inspector

Remote Web Inspector (RWI for short) helps TV Web Application Developers can debug and optimize their Web Applications.

Using JS Debugger : 2012 and Later Emulators

This document explains how to use the JS Debugger with the 2012 and later Emulators

Using the Smart TV Emulator with VirtualBox & Troubleshooting

This guide explains usage of Virtual Box with the Smart TV Emulator

What might be the cause of a black screen?

Troubleshooting of video apps - how to ensure that all content is displayed properly.