General keys recommended for applications

Published 2014-10-28 |

Which keys should be used to guarantee the same app behavior on all platforms

The remote controller is used as the basic input device for all SmartTV Applications.

However, controllers for different devices may vary due to specific features. That is why we recommend to use the general keys which are common for all available remote controllers.

  • Number keys (0~9)
  • 4 direction keys and Enter
  • Tool key and Info key
  • Return and Exit keys
  • 4 color keys
  • Player keys (FF, REW, Pause, Stop and Play)
  • Audio keys (Volume Up, Down and Mute)


The IME module always uses the (0-9) Number keys, the key below 7 and the key below 9, no matter how they are defined on a specific remote.

TVs and some of the BD devices have a subtitle key, but its key code is different on different platforms:

  • All TV platforms : 652
  • All BD single device : 1089
  • All BD-HTS device : No subtitle key
  • 2011 BD-HDD device : 1089


If you want to use subtitle feature for all platforms, we recommend to use one of the color keys.