MMS streaming problem - Windows 2008 server

Published 2014-10-28 | (Compatible with SDK 4.5,5.0,5.1 and 2013,2014 models)

Streaming policy for default ports using different streaming protocols

When developing and application using the MMS streaming protocol, please keep in mind the following streaming policy:

Protocol Port Port changes Comment
http 80 Possible WMDRM/Playready
mms 1755 Not possible WMDRM/Playready
https 443 Not possible

As you can see in this table, the URL starting with ‘mms://’ will try to access 1755 port by default.

When you use the Windows streaming server, there are two methods to choose the streaming protocol.

  • Use ‘http://‘ protocol with normal http method.
  • Use ‘mms://’ and permit access to 1755 port.