What might be the cause of a black screen?

Published 2014-10-27 |

Troubleshooting of video apps - how to ensure that all content is displayed properly.

If the a black screen appears during the app execution or after pressing the EXIT button, it might be caused by several reasons:

  • Player error on application exit
  • TV source lost on application exit
  • Video player hidden behind a black screen
  • Only audio is played as the video codec is not supported

We recommend to check the list below:

  • If your application does not show TV channels, then make sure that either:

    • <srcctl> value in the config.xml file is set to 'y' and there are not references to SetSource(), SetMediaSource() or GetSource() API, or
    • the source APIs as above are used and <srcctl> is set to 'n'


    It is strongly recommended to set the <srcctl> value to 'y', as in that case all source change operations are done automatically by the TV middleware. The value 'n' is recommended for applications which change the TV source inside the code, for example display TV live signal.

    Such functionalities are currently available in US and Korea only.

  • Check if <flashplayer> tag in config.xml is set to 'y' for all application using Flash, either as a plugin or standalone type.

  • If your application is a JavaScript VOD app, then make sure that the player plugin Stop() method is called in the onunload event.

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