How to implement correctly the IME module?

Published 2014-10-28 | (Compatible with SDK 2.5,3.5,4.5,5.0,5.1 and 2011,2012,2013,2014 models)

Troubleshooting common problems with IME module

IME input box can handle at most 256 characters. When this limit is exceeded, the input box may show some garbage values or the application may get crashed.

Because of that, it is recommended to allow no more than 256 characters inside an input box. If this limit is not applied, the testing team will report it as a certification defect.

To implement the character limit, there can be used the maxlength property of an input tag. Below, there is some sample code of how to use it:

<form id="plain" class="window" onSubmit="return false;">
    <p>Text box with maximum of 256 characters</p>
    <input id="plainText" type="text" size="10" maxlength="256" height="30" />

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