Using a Recognition Application

Published 2014-10-27 | (Compatible with SDK 3.5,4.5,5.0,5.1 and 2012,2013,2014 models)

Using a Recognition Application

This tutorial describes how to use Recognition APIs. Recognition Application implements the embedded mode for higher recognition when a user said trigger word (e.g. “Hi TV”), the server guide mode when a user press the voice button at Smart Touch Control.

(SDK emulator doesn’t support to press the voice button at Smart Touch Control yet.)

Figure1: Recognition Application Flow-chart (case 1. When user say trigger word.)

Figure2: Recognition Application Flow-chart (case 2. When user push the voice button of smart controller.)

Source Files


The files needed for the sample application are here.

How to use at SDK emulator

  1. Press the Mike button at Virtual input.
  2. Press the Hi TV button at Virtual input. It is like that you say the trigger word to TV.
  3. If you press the Hello or World button at Virtual input, you can see the result at alert window.

The directory structure of the application:

File/Directory Description
Config.xml Contains the environment to run the application on TV.
Index.html Description of the elements display. Used for the App body opacity adjustment.
app/javascript/Main.js App sample file.