Getting Started

Welcome to the Getting Started! This section includes basic information for developing of the Samsung Smart TV application and main functions of the Samsung Smart TV.


You can download all the getting-started for development documents here.

Getting Started Documents

Getting Started

The following table includes the basic information about how to start developing applications running on Samsung Smart TVs before 2015 and since 2010.

Document Title
Download Link


Opening and Closing Applications

Doctype Configuration

How to Detect Disconnected Network?

How To Create CAPH Application

CAPH Framework Overview

How To Create A Multi-Scene Basic App Project

Packaging and Launching Applications

Application Manager

Samsung Smart TV



Manage Scenes

Getting Started

Implementing Your Application Code

SDK 4.5 Installation Guide for Windows / Mac OS X / Linux

Asking Questions the Smart Way

Debugging and Testing Applications

Smart TV SDK Emulator : Network Settings Guide

Development Guidance for Multi-Application

General Keys Recommended for Applications

Testing Your Application on a TV for 2014

Smart TV SDK IDE Help Guide

Testing Your Application on a TV for 2013

Testing Your Application on a TV for 2011

Coding Your JavaScript Application

Application Development Process

Planning and Designing Applications

Frequently Asked Questions

Introduction to Smart TV Platform

Coding Your AppsFramework Application

Project Types

Smart TV Applications


IDE Help Guide