Interface HealthConstants.StepCount

  • All Superinterfaces:
    HealthConstants.Common, HealthConstants.SessionMeasurement
    Enclosing class:

    public static interface HealthConstants.StepCount
    extends HealthConstants.SessionMeasurement
    This interface defines the user's step count data. It provides only 1 month data.

    HealthConstants.StepCount is recorded from:

    • A phone with Samsung Health installed.
      It enables a partner app to get the phone's steps with a real-time.
    • Accessories such as a Watch.
      A partner app can get step data of the accessories after a data sync to the phone.

    HealthConstants.StepDailyTrend vs. HealthConstants.StepCount

    Choose a proper step data type for your service. Using HealthConstants.StepDailyTrend is general.

    HealthConstants.StepDailyTrend HealthConstants.StepCount
    Data retention period Until several years
    if daily steps are saved in the installed Samsung Health
    Only 1 month
    For one more devices
    (E.g. a phone and a Galaxy Watch)
    Providing all device's steps without duplications Manual handling is required to remove duplicated steps
    Main use case Getting the user's daily steps Monitoring the phone's steps with a real-time


    Properties of the following extending interfaces are available for this data type.

    Step count data has the following properties.
    See more common properties by spreading this section out.

    Data Permission

    The user's consent is required to read or write this data type. HealthPermissionManager.requestPermissions() displays a data permission UI to the user.
    See Permission Manager and request data permission.