CAPH is a UI framework for TV Web applications, which allows you to easily and quickly develop high-performance Web applications.

Sample CAPH video player applicationFigure 1. Sample CAPH video player application

For example, TED built their Samsung Smart TV application using the CAPH 3 framework already in 2016. The application leverages CAPH's high performance scrollable thumbnail lists, stable key navigation, and customizable component architecture to deliver a great user experience consistent with the TED brand.

CAPH supports the following features:

  • Key navigation

    Allows you to handle user input from the remote control directional keys.

  • Scrollable list and grid components

    Take advantage of the TV's graphics processor to offer great performance, comparable to that of native implementations.

  • UI components

    Button, Radio Button, Toggle Button, Checkbox, Input, Dialog, Context Menu, Dropdown Menu

  • Touch features (since CAPH 3.1)

    Pan, Tap, Double Tap

  • High Performance
    High Performance
    CAPH is developed especially for creating high-performance Web applications for Samsung Smart TV.
  • Customizable
    All UI components in CAPH are customizable and can be decorated using inner HTML.
  • Easy and Quick
    Easy and Quick
    CAPH3 is implemented with AngularJS or jQuery, allowing you to develop applications easily using familiar frameworks.

Reference Videos

The following video shows how to implement focusable key navigation using CAPH.