Switching to 3D Mode

In case of applications that support 3D view, switching to 3D mode is possible via 3D button on your remote. The guide message in Picture 10-2 displays for 5 seconds when 3D button is pressed for the application where 3D view is available. (3D can only be used in full screen mode.)

Pressing 3D button again stops 3D mode and returns to standard 2D view as in Picture 10-3. This UI is provided by the system, so doesn't need to be developed separately.

Manual 3D mode

Picture 10-1. Manual 3D mode

Auto 3D mode

Picture 10-2. Auto 3D mode

3D mode exit

Picture 10-3. 3D mode exit

Network Error Feedback

Inform Network error as in Picture 10-4 when service is not available because of network errors.

Feedback for network error

Picture 10-4. Feedback for network error