Project Types

Published 2014-10-28 |

Introduction to different project types available on Samsung Smart TV platform.

When developing Samsung Smart TV applications, you can choose between the following project types in the Smart TV SDK:

The Basic project gives developers the opportunity to create their application using the Visual Editor.
The JavaScript APIs provide low-level platform functions that give you greater control over application tasks and processes.
Samsung Smart TV supports the use of Flash functionality in applications. Use standard Flash functions and implement these Flash components according to the models provided in the Flash tutorials.

To select a project type:

  1. Open the Samsung TV SDK.

  2. In the SDK Editor, select File->New->New Project. The available project types are displayed:


    For more information, see How To Create A Multi-Scene Basic App Project.


    For more information, see Coding Your JavaScript Application.


    For more information, see Flash.

For more information about working with the different project types, see Implementing Your Application Code.