Semantic SDK

Published 2014-10-28 | (Compatible with SDK 4.5 and 2013 models)

Semantic Service SDK helps a software developer to make a TV app more easily with Samsung SDK library APIs and 3rd party web service APIs. So far, it takes much time for a developer to find an appropriate API over the internet, then, to find out how to use it and how to make a program with it.

On Semantic Service SDK for easy use of services,

  • a user can search appropriate services (APIs) which he wants to use with a simple keyword,
  • a user can evaluate service compatibility and interoperability among services with user-specified criteria,
  • a user can validate a service, i.e. is the service available now, what is the return value with this parameters, and
  • a user can get sample code snippet of a service by drag-and-drop the service into the editor.

A user is generally considered as a TV app developer here.

Semantic Service SDK provides the following functions.

It provides the semantic SDK perspective.
Semantic Service Discovery
The keyword given by a user will be semantically analyzed, and related services will be searched.
Semantic Service Matching
The compatible/interoperable matching between the source service selected by the user and the target service will be evaluated, and the matching results and related information will be provided.
Service Registry Statistics
Statistical information about services will be provided graphically.
Sample code snippets
A user can drag & drop an API having sample code snippet into any source codes (*html, *.js). It needs for the user to complete the code for his purpose. See more details in Semantic Service Discovery and Semantic Service Matching.


Before the use of this SDK a user is strongly recommended to read preliminaries.


includes HW requirements, configuration setting, and execution of semantic server to support the semantic service SDK.


For a user’s better understanding, video tutorials how to use this tool are found here.