• [Samsung DeX] Lifecycle on switching between Mobile and Samsung DeX mode hot

    Blog Dec 7, 2017

    Samsung DeX is a new way to launch your android application in a desktop like environment. Upon opening Samsung DeX Mode, every app that stayed open in Phone mode, undergo certain changes before launching in Samsung DeX.
    In this blog I will be telling you what exactly happens when we switch mode from phone mode to Samsung DeX mode or vice versa.

  • [Samsung DeX] Android Life Cycle in Samsung DeX hot

    Blog Dec 7, 2017

    Samsung DeX allows the user to run their Android application in a desktop like environment i.e. interacting with mouse, keyboard and launching multiple applications on the same screen and switching between multiple applications with ease. Now your application will have features to minimize, maximize,

  • [Samsung DeX] Linux on Galaxy hot

    Blog Oct 18, 2017

    State-of-the-art smart phones utilize computing power comparable to commodity PCs or laptops in respect to CPU, RAM, storage, and even GPU. As a result, there is an increasing number of smartphone-only users. Nevertheless, power users who generate content still largely rely on traditional PCs and laptops. For example, software developers still find it cumbersome to use sma...

  • [Samsung DeX] DeX ADB Plugin hot

    Blog Sep 14, 2017

    DeX ADB Tool can be used to quickly connect your phone which is plugged into the DeX station to Android Studio over WI-FI or Ethernet and to install, run and debug your applications just by pressing single button while not being connected through USB.

  • [Samsung DeX] How to detect the Samsung DeX mode

    Blog Jul 27, 2017

    Samsung DeX is a new type of launcher – transferring the known Android’s phone mode UI to desktop-like, bigger screen and experience. Upon opening Samsung DeX Mode, every app that stayed open in Phone mode, undergo certain changes before launching in Samsung DeX. What is done and how can we detect this change?

  • [Samsung DeX] DeX Launcher

    Blog Jun 22, 2017

    Samsung DeX is a new way to experience your Android Device. Do you know how to launch your apps rapidly?In the DeX mode, you can see menu icon in the bottom bar. Click on this icon, all installed apps will be displayed.You can input the app name in the search bar then find the app you want to launch .You can drag your favorite app to desktop too.

  • [Samsung DeX] Settings for Samsung DeX

    Blog Jun 8, 2017

    SETTINGS FOR SAMSUNG DEXSamsung DeX is a fantastic feature .It can take you into the new world that you can take your apps to desktop mode or you can use multiple apps at once. When switch to DeX mode, you can change the default settings that you prefer. This blog will introduce SETTINGS FOR SAMSUNG DEX.These settings will not affect your settings in phone mode.Getting sta...

  • [Samsung DeX] Optimization of VNC client for Samsung DeX

    Blog May 25, 2017

    As you know, in late March, at the same time with the new flagship, Samsung introduced a new product - DeX station for Galaxy S8/S8+. It is designed to give a desktop experience for you Smartphone with the help of a special mode.This mode is activated when the Smartphone is placed in DeX station. Also you will need a mouse, a keyboard and a monitor connected via HDMI. Besi...

  • [Samsung DeX] Setting up Freeform Application in Android Studio Emulator

    Blog May 11, 2017

    If you don’t have the Dex Station, you can test your app resize behavior in Android Studio using Android Virtual Device. These are the steps to set-up DeX freeform emulator environment:Run AVD Manager (it is located on top menu of Android Studio)Click Create Virtual DeviceSelect the device definition with name Nexus 6PClick the download link next to ‘Nougat’ or click...

  • [Samsung DeX] Multi Instance Application on Samsung DeX hot

    Blog May 11, 2017

    Multi Instance Application on Samsung DeXCreating application compatible with Samsung DeX is not very demanding, but can lead to extending the usage of app, using external monitor, mouse and keyboard. Below you can find the example of usage of Multi Instance application on Samsung DeX.Scope:Multi Instance Application (i.e. messaging app). This application allows to have on...