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Leverage SAP and Samsung Mobile Technologies to Empower Workers with an Enterprise-Ready User Experience

Unlock the power of Samsung and SAP mobile technologies.

tutorials Galaxy Watch

Testing Watch Faces in Remote Test Lab through Watch Face Studio

Learn how to connect to a Galaxy Watch in the Remote Test Lab and deploy your designs from Watch Face Studio.

tutorials Galaxy Watch

Connecting Galaxy Watch to Watch Face Studio over Wi-Fi

Learn how to deploy your watch face from Watch Face Studio to a Galaxy Watch using WFS or ADB.

tutorials Galaxy Watch, Mobile

From Wrist to Hand: Display Mobile Device Battery Level on Your Galaxy Watch

View your mobile device's battery level from your watch.

announcement Mobile

Samsung and Wrike: Helping You Reach Peak Productivity Anywhere

Samsung and Wrike have teamed up to elevate the Wrike mobile app on Galaxy devices.

tutorials Galaxy Watch

Using Animation to Create Dynamic Watch Faces

Learn how to use the animation features in Watch Face Studio.

tutorials Galaxy Watch, Mobile

From Wrist to Hand: Develop a Companion App for Your Wearable Application

Learn how to create a multi-module project and communicate between a companion mobile application and a wearable application.

tutorials Mobile

Seamlessly Integrate “Add to Wallet” for Samsung Wallet

How to integrate your digital content with Samsung Wallet.

tutorials Mobile

Payment Card Push Provisioning Using Samsung Pay SDK

Partner with Samsung to start integrating push provisioning and Samsung Pay in your app.

featured Foldable, Mobile

Introducing a New Webex App Experience for Samsung Galaxy Foldables and Tablets

The Webex app for Samsung Galaxy foldables and tablets brings a new level of productivity and flexibility for on-the-go collaboration.

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Code Lab at SDC23: A Quick Recap

Here's a quick recap of Code Lab, one of the SDC23 highlights.

tutorials Game, Mobile

Integrate Samsung IAP in Your Unreal Engine 5 Game

Monetize your Unreal Engine game in Galaxy Store using the Samsung IAP Unreal Plugin.

tutorials Mobile

Automate Your App Management Using the Galaxy Store Developer API, Jenkins, and Python

Automate app release management using Jenkins, Python, and the Content Publish API.


Use "Add to Samsung Wallet" for Event Tickets

Smart ways to use "Add to Samsung Wallet" and How to add event ticket to Samsung Wallet.

tutorials IoT

Testing Matter Thread Compliant IoT Devices Using ioter: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

Introducing ioter, an emulator for Matter-supported Thread devices using a Linux PC and Thread RCP dongle.

tutorials Galaxy Watch

Detect When a Galaxy Watch Is Being Worn

How to use and override the Galaxy Watch off-body sensor.

tutorials Galaxy Watch, Design

Display Notifications on a Galaxy Watch Running Wear OS Powered by Samsung

Enhance your Galaxy Watch app by implementing notifications and review notification policies.

tutorials Galaxy Watch, Design

Use Masks to Get Creative with Watch Faces

Learn about the mask feature in Watch Face Studio and how to selectively hide or reveal parts of your design.

tutorials Galaxy Watch

Watch Face Studio: Theme Color Implementation Basics

Enhance your watch face designs with theme color palettes using Watch Face Studio.

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Unleash the Power of Newsletters

Use newsletters to build strong customer relationships.

Download Photoshop Smart Objects to make your store listings stand out from the crowd
tutorials Galaxy Watch, Marketplace

New Smart Lifestyle Photos for Watch Face Designers

Download Photoshop Smart Objects to make your store listings stand out from the crowd

tutorials Health

Accessing Samsung Health Data through Health Connect

Samsung Health data can be synchronized using Health Connect. Let's begin with how this access works.

tutorials Health, Galaxy Watch

Reading Body Composition Data with Galaxy Watch via Health Connect API

The Samsung Health application exchanges data with the Health Connect API. Learn how to synchronize body composition health data measured by a Galaxy Watch.

tutorials Health, Galaxy Watch

Events Monitoring

The Health Services API provides a way to receive a fall detection event. Learn the most efficient technique.

tutorials Blockchain

Integrate a Payment UI into Your TRON DApp

Learn how to integrate the Samsung Blockchain Platform SDK payment UI into a TRON DApp.

Samsung Developers' alternate social channels.
featured Web

Where in the World is Samsung Developers?

A summary of our social media and other community resources.

tutorials Mobile

How to Increase Galaxy Store Downloads

Use self-promotion to get noticed and increase your downloads in Galaxy Store.

featured Web, Design

Adobe MAX 2022: In-Person Again!

Samsung's Tony Morelan attended Adobe MAX and reports on his experiences.

tutorials Game, Mobile

Using Variable Rate Shading to Improve Performance on Mobile Games

Boost performance and prolong battery life without redesigning your rendering pipeline.

tutorials Blockchain

Manage Your Tokens on the Ethereum Network with Samsung Blockchain Platform SDK

Learn how to use the Samsung Blockchain Platform SDK to store and transfer ERC-20 tokens.