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#SDC18 Registration is OPEN! Get your Early Bird Discount Today

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$40,000 In Prizes For Global Competition For New Galaxy Designs

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18.0 Beta: Enhanced Privacy, Enhanced UI

Text capture, Smart Anti-Tracking, more privacy features and UI tweaks, oh my! Check out the latest updates to the Samsung Internet Browser Beta.

2020 JEJU Blockchain Hackathon

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3 SmartThings Developer Videos You Need to Watch

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? New year, new web advocacy goals

Privacy, Dark Mode, Multi-device support, Web 3.0? Let’s review what 2021 left us and do some predictions for 2022

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A Must-Watch for Game Developers—The Seven Rules of Monetization

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A Preview of the Can't Miss Sessions at SDC18

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Accelerate game performance based on SceneSDK

Using SceneSDK, synchronize the control of hardware resources and game scenarios to optimize performance.

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Accelerate Your Neural Network with the Samsung Neural SDK

Introducing the Samsung Neural SDK for developers

success story IoT

Accelerating Home Automation at SmartThings with Rule Engine

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Accessing Samsung Health Data through Health Connect

Samsung Health data can be synchronized using Health Connect. Let's begin with how this access works.

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Adapt Your App for Galaxy Flex Mode

To provide users with a convenient and versatile foldable experience, developers need to optimize their apps to meet the Flex Mode standard. In this article, we discuss some APIs of Google’s new WindowManager library to optimize apps for Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold2 devices.

tutorials Mobile, Foldable

Adapt Your App to Foldable Devices for an Optimal User Experience

Foldable technology for mobile is a groundbreaking experience. Get a better understanding about the adaptation, modification, and design changes that are required.


Add a Splash Screen to Your Tizen .NET Application


Add a Tizen Project to Xamarin.Forms Applications

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Add RSS Feeds to your website to keep your core readers engaged

RSS is a well established but often well hidden web technology.

tutorials Galaxy Watch, UI/UX

Add Timely Texts to Your Galaxy Watch Designs using Custom Complications

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Add Your Watch Face Design to Smart Lifestyle Photos!

Add Your Watch Face Design To Smart Lifestyle Photos!

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Adding Augmented Reality to your Websites

Last week we told you about our latest Beta, 12.1, which offers a host of quality-of-life improvements for end users. We’re also really glad to announce that with this beta we are also shipping modules for the WebXR Device API that enable Augmented Reality (AR) content to be built right in the browser: including the “hit test” module. Hit testing allows you to detect the position of the real world at a single point on the screen which can be used correctly position virtual objects in the real world.

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Adobe MAX 2020: Highlights for Designers

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Adobe MAX 2022: In-Person Again!

Samsung's Tony Morelan attended Adobe MAX and reports on his experiences.

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An Introduction To 5G

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And That's a Wrap! Check Out Highlights from SDC19.

Thanks to everyone who came to Samsung Developer Conference last week or tuned in to the livestream! Here were some of our favorite moments that weren't covered in the Day 1.

tutorials Game

Android Game Analysis with Arm Mobile Studio

tutorials Game, AR/VR/XR, Mobile, Camera

Animate Your Avatar Using Galaxy AR Emoji SDK for Unity

The Galaxy AR Emoji SDK for Unity enables control of the user's AR Emoji avatar in your application, such as using the avatar to represent a game character. This tutorial shows how to use an AR Emoji avatar in a Unity android application for Galaxy devices by adding different animation movements.

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Announcing 17.0: Privacy by Default

Samsung Internet 17.0 stable release brings Web Authentication and on-by-default privacy features

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Announcing the SmartThings Github Page!

announcement IoT

Announcing the SmartThings Schema!

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Announcing the Winners of the 2020 Best of Galaxy Store Awards

The Best of Galaxy Store Awards recognize the top games, apps, themes, watch faces, and new this year, Bixby capsules.