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Memory Usage Plugin Overview

Watch Face Studio (WFS) versions 1.6 and higher support the Memory Usage plugin, which allows you to check your watch face’s memory usage based on the requirements defined by Google.

The Wear OS app quality guideline WO-P8 defines memory usage limits for watch faces that use the Watch Face Format, depending on the watch's current state. To support implementing this guideline, Google provides guidance on optimizing your watch face’s memory usage and an open-source Memory Usage evaluator for checking watch faces before uploading them to Google Play.

The WFS Memory Usage plugin can be installed on WFS versions that support the Watch Face Format (WFS version 1.6 and higher). You can use the plugin to check the memory usage of your watch face project during development.

The memory check in WFS is for watch face development guidance only. The results from the plugin are not guaranteed to match the actual memory check results from Google Play.