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Build and upload from Watch Face Studio

To make a watch face available in the Play Store, you must upload both a package file and a watch face file.

Preparing watch faces for publishing

To prepare the publishable watch face files for uploading to the Store:

  1. In Watch Face Studio, select the Publish button or go to Project > Publish in the menu bar.

    Figure 1. Publish button
  2. Define the required information:

  • Package name: Unique application ID for your watch face, such as com.example.mywatchface.
  • Location: Folder path on your computer where the watch face file is to be created.
  • Version: Version number for the watch face as displayed to the user.
  • Version code: Internal version number that must be incremented when the watch face is updated. It is not displayed to users. The value allowed must be an integer between 1 and 999,999. This value is used to generate the actual version code combined with the internal version code. For example, entering 77 generates the version code 10,000,077.
  • Publish type: Package file types to be created. You can publish an AAB file, APK file, or both.
  • Keystore path: Folder path where your keystore is located. A keystore (.keystore) is a binary file that contains a repository of security certificates and private keys. If you do not have a keystore already, you can create one.
  • Keystore password: Secure password for the keystore.
  • Key alias: Identifying name for your key.
  • Key password: Secure password for your key.
  • App label: Text ID for the label to display when the user long presses to switch the watch face. If you have created localized versions of the label, the watch displays it in the device language.
  • Watch type: Whether the watch face style is digital or analog.
  • Preview image: Image to be displayed in the watch face preview.
  • Preview time: If you do not add a custom preview image, the time of day to show in the generated preview image.
  1. When you are ready, select OK.
Figure 2. Publish dialog

Figure 3. Create a new keystore

Uploading watch faces

To upload your watch face to the Play Store:

  1. Select Project > Upload in the menu bar.
Figure 4. Project menu

  1. On the Play Store site, log into your account. If you do not have an account, you can create one.
  2. Fill in the required information about your watch face. You must provide a screenshot of the watch face.
  3. Start the upload.