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Manage a Watch Face Studio Plugin

Installing Plugins

To install a plugin:

  1. In WFS, open the main menu () and select Preferences. The Preferences pane opens.
  2. Select the Plugins tab.
Figure 1. No installed plugin in Plugins tab

  1. Select Download Plugin.
  2. Choose the plugin you want to install and download it to your computer.
  3. Select Install Plugin, browse to the downloaded file, and follow the installation instructions.

Your installed plugins are listed in the Plugins tab.

Removing Plugins

To remove a plugin:

  1. Make sure you have closed all WFS projects that use the plugin.
  2. Open the main menu () and select Preferences. The Preferences pane opens.
  3. Select the Plugins tab.
  4. In the list of plugins, click the X next to the plugin you want to remove.

Projects created with the plugin can no longer be opened or edited until the plugin is reinstalled.

Figure 2. Plugins tab in case of the project opened

Managing Plugin-based Projects

On the WFS landing page, to easily find plugin-based projects from among your WFS projects, you can use the filter feature on the landing page to filter your projects by type.

To view details about a plugin-based project, such as the specific plugin and version that it uses and supported mobile devices, from the More () menu next to the project on the WFS landing page, select Plugin info.

Plugin Compatibility

Support for specific plugins and plugin versions depend on the WFS version. If your WFS version does not support a specific plugin version, WFS informs you when you try to install the plugin.

To open and edit a project, your WFS must have a higher plugin version installed than the one used to create the project.