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Test your watch face

Watch Face Studio (WFS) lets you test your watch face both within the tool and on a device.

Testing in Watch Face Studio

In WFS, preview your watch face in the Run panel on the right side of the screen.

Capture your work

From the Preview window, you can take a screenshot of your watch face preview and save it as an image to your computer. You can use this as the preview image of your watch face when you upload it to the Play Store, for example.

Figure 1. Watch face preview

Preview your always-on watch face

When you preview the always-on version of your design, you can check the on-pixel ratio. Keeping this ratio lower than 15% saves battery life.

Figure 2. Watch face preview and always-on design analyzer, showing the on-pixel ratio

Preview on watch

Switch to the watch preview to show your watch face with a device and strap. Click through the watch options to preview your watch face on various simulated devices.

Figure 3. Previewing watch face on different watch bodies

Testing on a physical device

It is often useful to test your watch face on a physical watch.

To connect your watch and computer for debugging:

  1. Enable debugging on the watch.
  2. Ensure that the watch is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your computer.
  3. In WFS, select Project > Run on Device.
  4. Select + (Enter IP address) and enter your watch’s IP address.
  5. Select OK.
    WFS scans for and attempts to connect to the device.

Figure 4. Enter IP address