Focus order

  • When the screen reader is on or an accessibility device is connected, a focus mark should be shown to make it clear what element is selected.
  • Make sure that the focus flows logically from one element to the next.

If there is no item on the right, the focus is moved to the first item in next line.

If there is no item on the left, the focus is moved to the last item in previous line.

Looping is not supported. No actions by the left key on the leftmost side and by the right key on the rightmost side.

  • There's no need to focus on decorative elements, auxiliary images, or empty spaces.
  • Related elements can be grouped as a single focused element.

Naturally grouping nearby UI Elements for better readability.


Every individual item within the same group is separated.

  • The focus should be on the location where the action can be done. If an action can be continuously done in that location, keep the focus there.