Simple and human

  • One UI takes a simple, human approach to text so we clearly state benefits in a relatable way and keep users focused on tasks.

Remove defensive text

  • We've tried to do away with defensive text in One UI. This means taking out any warnings that aren’t an immediate concern for the user or rephrasing warnings to guide the user to solve them.
  • It's never good to warn users vaguely about a situation that may or may not occur while using an app. Instead, we just tell users when the issue comes up. If the user can take care of it, we tell them how. If we can take care of it, then we do it automatically.

Only interrupt for important things

  • Users hate popups. So One UI only uses them when users need to input data, confirm that data will be deleted, consent to sharing personal info, or see some really important info. Otherwise, we use a toast or something else that’s less intrusive.
  • Figuring out what information is important is tough. It usually requires significant user research to figure out the things users care about and those they don't. But all that hard work pays off with a more streamlined user experience.

Show benefits and possibilities

  • Whenever we're introducing or describing something in One UI, we try to make it user-focused. This means telling users what they can accomplish with an app or feature.
  • We try to avoid vague benefits in favor of concrete examples and don’t bother with the technical stuff that happens behind the scenes, just the real impacts the user will see.
  • Focusing on user benefits often involves only a slight shift in focus. For example, "Samsung Health captures and tracks health related information and metrics." focuses on what the app does. "Samsung Health helps you track your meals, workouts, and other important health metrics." focuses on what the user can do with the app.
  • Welcome to SmartThings
  • Choose the right temperature. The right mood. Even the right wash cycle.
    All from right here.
  • Samsung Connect
  • Monitor and control all your devices from the palm of your hand. This service accesses your location, contacts, storage, audio, and camera.
  • Using mobile data to control cloud-connected devices may result in additional charges. You can turn off Cloud control in Settings.

Include everyone

  • One UI strives to be as inclusive as possible. This means we avoid specific cultural, regional, and gender references. Not everyone lives in the northern hemisphere or is male or female, so we don't talk about things like winter when it could be 40 degrees in Australia or limit choices for things like gender.
  • Along those lines, we're very comfortable with the singular "they." We don't used gendered pronouns, and we always avoid constructions like "he/she." So, "Have the person sit on a stool so he or she is easier to scan." becomes "Have the person sit on a stool so they're easier to scan."