• Toast pop-ups provide simple feedback or instructions. They appear for a short period of time before disappearing and convey whether an action initiated by the user or an app succeeded or failed. Toasts should be about one line, and should never exceed 3 lines in any language. They should also only be used to inform users of relatively minor information. If the user needs a make a choice or be warned of a serious issue (such as a threat to their health, data, or privacy), then use a popup.

Label toast (Tool tip)

  • All icon buttons should include an additional text label that appears when the user touches and holds the icon. These labels appear in a small word bubble and disappear if the user taps the screen or a certain amount of time passes.
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Snack bar

  • Snack bar toasts show status information, like a regular toast, but have a button on their right side to let users also perform a follow-up action. Also, like a regular toast, these disappear after a few seconds or when users tap another area of the screen.
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