Interaction and control

  • To ensure that One UI is easy to use and control for all users:
  • - Don't automatically close or hide features. Make sure timed or automatic disappearances take enough time that users can access what they need.
  • - Don't play content automatically, and give users controls to stop content lasting more than 5 seconds with other contents. Provide Previous, Next, and Pause buttons for automatically scrolling content and provide ways to hide or pause overlapping content. This is especially important when the screen reader is in use, since it can overlap with the screen reader and make interaction difficult.
  • - Provide alternative ways of performing complex actions such as drag and drop or multifinger gestures.
  • - Provide detailed info about input areas, and make sure the input type is labeled so that auto input solutions can work.
  • - Provide clear error messages and paths to action. Put the focus on the next needed action element.
  • - For screen transitions and pop-ups, provide screen reader feedback and alternative text about what's happening. Also provide a clear path back, such as a Back button or another interaction.
  • - User interface is designed to be consistent : Locations or screen configurations of buttons or controllers should be designed in a consistent way so they feel familiar when using them.
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