• One UI allows for lists of settings, menus, and other items to be broken up visually for easy scanning and searching. Although most lists just use text, they can also include icons and images. Whatever style you choose, lists should be organized to facilitate searching and be ordered in terms of priority whenever possible.

Main text

  • One UI settings and menus should have clear, intuitive names and consist of a noun or a short verbal phrase. If possible, keep them within 31 characters to avoid spilling over to a second line. If it's difficult to understand a setting, subtext can be provided for further explanation. However, if tapping the setting name goes to another page or detailed settings, then the supporting text should be provided on that page.
  • If a setting can be turned on and off, a toggle switch should be provided on the right side of that row.


  • Sub headers can be added to help contextualize the settings or menus in a visual chunk.