Foldable Exclusive – Flex Mode

Flex mode overview

Introducing Flex mode
View on top, Control on the bottom when the device is partially folded

  • Galaxy Z Flip and Z Fold2’s flexible hinge and flexible display let the phone remain propped open while using apps.

Apps in Flex Mode

  • When in Flex Mode, apps will automatically adjust to fit the folded screen. If you have an app open while the phone is unfolded, simply start folding it to change the app’s layout

Multi Window in Flex Mode

  • Use several apps at once on your Galaxy Z Flip with Multi Window in Flex mode. Open the App tray to use apps in split screen or popup view, and then leave the phone propped open to check your email or take photos.
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Fold type Flex mode (Z Fold series)

How Flex mode works in Fold type

In case that the phone is being opened with the cover screen is off, the main screen would be on right after opening.

  • 1. UI layout change basic rules: Viewing on top, Control on the bottom.
  • 2. The ratio and shape of important items need to be maintained between normal and Flex mode. (e.g., camera preview)
  • 3. A visual transition effect is strongly recommended when the layout changes between the two modes.
  • 4. The position of pop-ups, toasts, and other text may need to be adjusted in Flex mode.
  • 5. Some buttons may be positioned in the top area if needed.
  • 6. Avoid locating touchable elements near the crease in the middle of the screen.
  • 7. Not all the screens need to be adjusted for half-folded screen. (e.g., lists of settings)
  • App examples, UI design tips

    Camera & photo taking

    Video playing

    Video Call

    AR camera & decoration

    Handling rotation

    Handling rotation in Flex mode

    • Case 1. Support landscape flex mode only (General case)
    • In most cases, Flex mode is disabled in portrait orientation because it isn’t useful.
    • Case 2. Support both landscape and portrait flex mode
    • In special cases, an app may be useful in Flex mode in portrait orientation.
    • In Camera, users can take pictures on the right while viewing recently taken pictures on the left.
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