Unfolded - Main screen

  • Fold phones are designed to take advantage of the large main screen to provide an immersive experience, with screen layout and zoom options in Settings that let users adjust the aspect ratio and view style.
  • Flip phones are optimized for widescreen multimedia experiences.

Full view

Split view

Playing video clip with Galaxy Z Flip

Multi Active Window

  • The Multi Active Window is a layout that allows simultaneous use of several apps by splitting the screen. Thus, it supports multi-tasking and consequently increases a user’s productivity. In foldable devices, Multi Active Window can be easily set up by dragging an app from the Edge panels located on the either side of the screen, and dropping it on the desired area.
  • In a "Fold" type device, the screen can be split into 2 or 3 views at the left, right, upper, and lower areas, while a "Flip" type device allows splitting the screen into 2 views at the upper and lower areas. (Compare in the screen below)

Vertical and horizontal 3 Multi Active Window screen in Galaxy Fold2

Vertical 2 Multi Active Window screen in Galaxy Z Flip