This topic describes test cases and pass criteria related to user account features.


The Samsung signage devices do not need to follow some features which are dedicated to Samsung Smart TVs: Multitasking, Subtitles, Prelaunch, Smart View SDK, Smart Hub Preview, and Samsung Checkout.

Device Activation

Test Case IDDefinition
Check that device activation works properly.
  • Logging in is possible.
  • The application is able to access the Web.
  • After logging in, the device is added to a recognized devices list on the Web.
  • When the TV is connected to the Web, both the TV and the Web show the device as activated.
  • For applications with per-installation activation, the device is still activated when relaunching the application.
Test Case IDDefinition
Check that activation code validity is verified.
  • If an incorrect activation code is entered, a message about the incorrect code is shown and allows the user to try again.
Test Case IDDefinition
Check that device deactivation works properly.
  • When the device is deactivated in the application or on the Web, the activation status is updated on the device immediately, or when the application is relaunched.

Paid Content Access

Test Case IDDefinitionRelated Info
Check that paid content can be purchased.Samsung Checkout
  • The test account provided by the content provider has funds available.
  • The payment service is accessible.
  • When the payment is approved, the correct price is charged to the account.
  • The paid content is accessible after purchase.
  • The paid content is accessible using the account that purchased it.
Test Case IDDefinitionRelated Info
Check that rental or subscription content is accessible for the entire rental or subscription period.Samsung Checkout
  • When accessing previously-purchased content, the user is not prompted to purchase it.
  • For rental or subscription content, the user is not prompted to purchase it again during the rental or subscription period.

Parental Control

Test Case IDDefinition
Check that the Parental Control settings work properly.
  • When Parental Control is switched on, a PIN code prompt is displayed.
  • If the incorrect PIN code is entered, a message about the incorrect PIN code is shown.
  • Access to content is limited based on the selected age setting.
  • The displayed content is filtered based on the selected age setting.

User Login/Logout

Test Case IDDefinition
Check that logging in and out works properly from within the application and from Smart Hub.
  • The login and logout feature is activated.
  • Logging in is possible.
  • When launching the application without being logged in, a popup appears asking the user to log in.
  • After logging in, the account ID or user nickname is displayed, with the status "logged in".
  • After logging out, the "logged out" status is displayed.
Test Case IDDefinition
If the application has a log in function, check that it handles invalid input appropriately.
  • Only authorized accounts can log in.
  • If the account name or password is incorrect, or the input format is invalid, appropriate error messages are shown.
Test Case IDDefinition
Check that logging in again to the application works properly.
  • For applications that do not save the user login status, when the application is relaunched, the user is able to log in again.
Test Case IDDefinition
If the application has a "remember" function, check that it works properly.
  • If the "remember" function was activated during login, when the application is relaunched, the account information is recalled.

You must make sure that all user login information is deleted when the application is uninstalled. After deleting and reinstalling the application, there must be no user login information available from the previous installation.