Importing Web Applications

This topic describes how to import existing projects to the Tizen Studio.

You can import existing Tizen projects to Tizen Studio by selecting the root directory or loading an archive file.

To import an existing project:

  1. In the Tizen Studio menu, go to "File > Import". The "Import Wizard" opens.

  2. Select "Tizen > Tizen Project" as the import source, and click "Next".

    Figure 1. Select import source

  3. Select whether to import from a root directory or archive file, and click "Browse".

    Figure 2. Import from directory or file

  4. Select the root directory of your application project, or select the ".wgt" archive file, and click "OK".

    Figure 3. Select root directory

  5. Click "Next". The names of the Tizen projects in the selected folder or archive appear in the "Project list" table.

  6. Define the profile and version for the projects you want to import.

    Figure 4. Select profile and version

Figure 5. Not installed version message

Selecting the Tizen TV 5.0 profile does not change the value of required_version in the application's "config.xml" file. If you want to change required_version, you can change it later using the Tizen Configuration Editor. If you want your application to be compatible with all Samsung Smart TVs released since 2015, required_version must be set to "2.3".

Figure 6. Required version in the Tizen Configuration Editor

Figure 7. Required version in "config.xml"

  1. Select the check boxes for the projects you want to import, and click "Finish".

    Figure 8. Finish import

    The selected projects are imported to your workspace.

    Figure 9. Imported projects