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Samsung Product APIs

The following questions are related to the Samsung Product APIs, Tizen Web Device API extension, changed since Tizen 6.5.

We provide 4 new Samsung Product APIs as followings:

The SSSP is supported at Tizen 6.5 but will be deprecated since Tizen 8.0. We strongly recommend to use Samsung Product APIs instead.

Most major features are supported as new Tizen APIs. However less-important or less-used feature APIs are not provided more.

To use the Samsung Product APIs, you should load the js file in index.html as following:

<script type="text/javascript" src="$WEBAPIS/webapis/webapis.js"></script>

We do not provide Node.js application environment since Tizen 6.5.

No. When using the new Samsung Product APIs, you should configure the required version as 6.5 in "config.xml" file. Otherwise, the applications will not be installed nor run on Tizen 6.5 devices. However, for this reason, the application will not be installed nor run on the below Tizen version devices.

Application Installation

The following questions are related to installing and uninstalling applications.

You can install applications through USB. The Samsung signage device provides "Custom App Launcher" menu and this menu permit to install an application through USB.

You can re-sign your application with a partner level certificate at the TV Seller Office. For more information, contact the Samsung Tech Sales team.

The tool is provided only to the partner membership sellers. You should check your membership level and contact to Samsung Tech Sales team if required.