Atom IDE Package

ATOM IDE Package (for Tizen TV) is a ATOM extension that enables you to develop Tizen Web applications easily using ATOM editor.


Atom is a hackable text editor for the 21st century, built on Electron, and based on everything we love about our favorite editors. We designed it to be deeply customizable, but still approachable using the default configuration.

Getting started


Copy “atom-extension-tizensdk” to specified path:

For Windows :  C:\Users\${Your user name}\.atom\packages
For Ubuntu :  /home/${Your User Name}/.atom/packages

Restart Atom IDE, Tizen SDK extension will be loaded automatically

Step1: Trigger function with Atom ‘Command Palette’

  • Open Atom ‘Command Palette’
    • with shortcut keys ‘Ctrl + Shift + P’
    • with the menu ‘Packages -> Command Palette’
  • Input keywords like ‘tizen’
  • Select the function in the list

Step2: Trigger function from menu

  • Click the entry through menu ‘Packages -> Tizen SDK’

Step3: Trigger function with right click menu

  • Right click on edit window
  • Find the entry ‘Tizen SDK’

Supported features

  • Create Project
    • Create empty App
    • Create App with templates supported
  • Build Project
    • Build Tizen App, output with .wgt file
  • Run Application
    • Run Tizen App on Tizen TV Emulator
    • Run Tizen App on Tizen TV Web Simulator
  • Certificate Manager
    • Create and Remove profile
    • Set active profile
  • Debug Application
    • Open Chrome DevTools for web app debug
  • SDB Command Prompt
    • Open SDB tool path on command line for SDB manual use

Configure TV

Setting parameters for Tizen SDK

Configuration for APP running

To run App on Tizen TV Web Simulator, below setting should be set:

To run App on Tizen TV, below setting should be set:

Configuration for APP debugging

Atom IDE support debugging web app with chrome DevTools (on Ubuntu, Chromium is supported), chrome install path must be set according to your system environment:


Hosted on

The Atom-Tizentv source code and documents are available on

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