Uninstalling TV SDK

This topic describes how to uninstall the Samsung TV SDK.

By uninstalling the Tizen Studio, you can completely remove the Samsung TV SDK that you have installed.


If you only want to remove a single package or multiple packages, in the Package Manager, click the "delete" button next to the package.
Due to package dependencies, removing a single package can cause other packages to be removed also. To ensure system integrity across all installed Tizen Studio packages, package removal cannot be canceled while in progress.

To uninstall the Samsung TV SDK:

  1. Launch the Tizen Studio uninstaller at "<install path>/package-manager/uninstaller.exe".

  2. Select the components to uninstall.
    If you do not select the SDK data component, you can keep the SDK data files in their directories for future re-use. The SDK data directory typically contains user-created data files, including emulator images, log files, and tool configuration files.


    Before proceeding, back up all data and files that you want to keep. Once started, uninstallation cannot be canceled and removed files cannot be restored.

  3. Click "Uninstall".

    Figure 1. Uninstall SDK

    Figure 1. Uninstall SDK

  4. Confirm the directory deletion.
    To remove all installed platforms and tools, as well as user-created data and files, click "Yes". If you have selected to uninstall the SDK data component, it is also removed.

    Figure 2. Confirm directory deletion

    Figure 2. Confirm directory deletion

  5. When uninstallation is complete, click "Finish".

    Figure 3. Uninstall finished

    Figure 3. Uninstall finished

For more information, see Uninstalling Tizen Studio.