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Create a Watch Face

To create a watch face:

  1. Launch Watch Face Studio.
    You can create a new project or open an existing project.
  2. Design your watch face:
    a. Add text, image, and time components, and configure the complication type depending on the app and setting. For more information about complication types, see Add complications to a watch face.
    b. If desired, define conditional settings for the watch face components.
    For example, you can configure the clock to become visible dynamically.
  3. In the Canvas screen, you can see the preview illustration of your watch face, including its components and settings.
  4. Preview the watch face.
    You can preview the watch face in 2 ways:
  • Move the time control bar to quickly preview changes that occur over time.
  • Use the Run preview screen to preview how the watch screen behaves based on defined values.

For more information about creating watch faces, go to the Watch Face Studio user guides.

Testing the Watch Face

To test your watch face on a connected device:

  1. Connect a watch device to your computer:
    a. Make sure that the device is connected to the same network as your computer.
    b. In Watch Face Studio, to automatically detect the device, click “Scan”.
    If your device is not automatically detected, you can enter its IP address manually.
    c. Select the device to connect to.
    For more information on how to connect your watch to Watch Face Studio, see the Watch Face Studio user guides.
  2. In the Watch Face Studio menu, select “Project > Run on device”.
  3. Select the connected watch device you want to test with.