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Design, produce, and distribute your own watch faces without the complexity of code scripting. Create your design elements, assemble them, then upload your watch faces directly to the store. The interface has been designed to be immediately familiar to anyone who’s used to working with applications like Adobe Photoshop and Flash.

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Design Principle

Design Principle - Wearable


User experience design for a Tizen wearable device shares the traits of other wearable platforms. The wearable device must be small enough to be worn and must be accessible on the go. For wearable UX design, the size of the wearable device and the smallness of the screen are two of the greatest challenges.

Design Principle - Platform


Tizen is a platform built for the future. It was developed to foster openness, which is essential for creating a rich user experience on mobile devices and the devices they connect to. Tizen nourishes users’ curiosity, allows them to easily reach their goals, and lets them express their personality. Tizen is a platform designed to grow with users, enriching their daily life.


Let's see how the major UI elements work together to provide a seamless user experience.

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