Navigation Flow

Three types of navigation flow are available to use in your app. The content you are presenting determines the most appropriate flow to use. The three types are:

  • Lateral navigation between screens at the same hierarchy levels
  • Hierarchical navigation between screens at different levels
  • Back navigation to return to the previous screen.

Lateral navigation

Use lateral navigation to communicate information across individual screens so users can view them one by one. Navigate screens by swiping right or left or by rotating the bezel. Page indicators show which part of the content is currently being viewed.

Hierarchical navigation

Use hierarchical navigation when you cannot display all the content at one level, or when you divide content into primary and secondary information. Avoid too many levels.

Back navigation

Back navigation returns users to the previous screen, allowing users to retrace their steps and determine where they are. Users can backtrack to the previous screen by pressing the Back key.