Provide timely information when users need it

Consider the key information that users will want from your app, and how to deliver the information within seconds.


  • Provide fitness and health status.

Samsung Health monitors the user’s fitness and activity using the the watch's built-in sensors. It sends an alert to move when the user has been inactive for too long. Users can monitor their health from data provided by Samsung Health.

  • Provide real-time ETA alerts using location service.

Uber helps users find a nearby ride, provides an estimated time of arrival, and notifies users when their car is arriving so they don’t have to spend time checking on the car’s status.

  • Enable contactless payment.

Starbucks lets customers place an order from anywhere. Users can pay easily from their watch.

  • Provide notifications for important events.

Reminder sends notifications for tasks in to-do lists before their deadline.Users can be reminded to finish tasks on their to-do lists.

Things to check

  • Is your app’s function relevant to the user's current state or context?
  • How can your app utilize the user's physical states that it monitors?
  • Can the user process information at a glance? Did you make sure your screens don't provide too much information all at once?