Users can input text with an input delegator or a keyboard. Input delegators are used for suggestions, voice input, emojis, and handwriting. A keyboard is used when suggestions aren’t available or privacy is needed, such as when you need to enter a password.

Input delegstors or a keyboard can be provided for optimal wearable experience.

Input delegators

  • App-provided suggestions

    Users can select one of the suggestions provided by the app.

  • Voice

    Users can input words with their voice.

  • Emoji

    Users can select a Unicode emoji.

  • Handwriting

    Users can use a finger to input from the on-screen from the keyboard if the option is enabled in Settings.


When the keyboard appears, the entry field is moved upward, so make sure that the location of the cursor remains visible on the screen. We also recommend letting longer phrases overflow on the left side of the screen so that users can revisit them by swiping over the entry field without leaving the keyboard.