Appropriate use of color makes your screens more glanceable. Use colors effectively considering the watch and its system's characteristics as a wearable device.

Basic color guidelines

  • Use dark-colored themes

    App screens should be visible both under direct sunlight and in lower light settings. Use dark colors for the background to enhance content readability without disturbing people with too much light. Dark-colored themes also consume less battery power and blur the boundary between the bezel and the screen.

    A dark colored background enhances readability.

  • Use a strong contrast

    Information should be easily visible to users on the watch's small screen. A strong color contrast distinguishes text and icons from the background.

  • Use consistent colors

    Users should be able to recognize your app. You can design your own theme, and apply it to your app to differentiate it from others. Use consistent color swatches to enhance visual communication with users.

    Consistent use of color gives your app an identity.

System theme colors

The following example shows how default theme colors are applied if the watch’s default system theme color is set to dark blue.

he watch’s default system theme color is set to dark blue.