Create a lasting impression with your designs

Communicate the identity and purpose of your app by designing visual elements using colors, icons, and typography. Test your app to see if you can read information easily and find a consistent brand identity. You should also make sure that your app uses consistent animation when transitioning between screens or performing functions. Design elements with strong visual impact, such as the launch screen or icons, to work well with the watch’s circular display.


  • Use colors to convey a clear brand identity.

Strava lets users track, analyze, share, and explore their running and biking activities. It uses the company's orange brand color and white in a balanced and consistent way. The company’s brand color is used consistently throughout the app to express the brand identity.

  • Create engaging apps with icons and animations.

GolfNavi offers a comprehensive golf solution. Used against a dark background, the green theme color enhances readability when outdoors and expresses a strong brand image. Consistent iconography and animation helps to make this app visually attractive. Consistent use of color emphasizes the app’s brand identity

Things to check

  • What are the visual elements that come to mind when you think of your app’s name?
  • Are there any visual elements or styles that deviate from the watch guidelines? Refer to Visual design for more details.