The apps screen contains all the apps installed on the watch, with a list view also available. From the rotary view, users can access, rearrange, or delete apps. In the list view, apps are listed in alphabetical order and cannot be rearranged.

App screen

The app screen shows the icons and titles of all apps installed on the watch, so consider your app's icon appearance when you are designing them. See Visual design for more details.

App management

Users can download watch apps from the Galaxy Wearable app on the user's mobile phone or Galaxy Store on the watch. Use edit mode to rearrange or uninstall apps. You can enable edit mode by touching and holding an app icon or icon title.

Users can also hide applications from the Apps screen by going to Galaxy Wearable > Apps > Manage Apps. When app icons are hidden, the related widgets, watch face complications, or app configurations are still available (however, they are disabled when in the list view).