Tizen Typescript API References

The Tizen TypeScript API supports extending both the Samsung product API and the Tizen Web Device API to TypeScript language.

The Tizen TypeScript API converts the JavaScript APIs of both the Tizen Web Device API and the Samsung Product API into TypeScript APIs. The Tizen TypeScript API is released via npm. The CommonJS and TypeScript packages of each API are listed in the following table.

Table 1. Npm Packages of Each Tizen API
Tizen API CommonJS Package TypeScript Package
Tizen Web Device API tizen-common-web @types/tizen-common-web
Samsung Product API tizen-tv-webapis @types/tizen-tv-webapis

Package List

Table 2. TypeScript Package List
Package Description NPM Github
create-tizen-app A cli tool for setting up Tizen web projects with
language, bundler, editors' extension and WITs
npm github
tizen-common-web A CommonJS API of the Tizen Web Device API npm github
@types/tizen-common-web A TypeScript API of tizen-common-web npm github
tizen-tv-webapis A CommonJS API of the Samsung Product API npm github
@types/tizen-tv-webapis A TypeScript API of tizen-tv-webapis npm github

Setup your project

create-tizen-app recommend

We have released the create-tizen-app package, which is a wizard tool for helping to configure and make a Tizen web application. It is the best solution to create Tizen web applications easily if you are a developer who prefers CommonJS or TypeScript language. The package also supports using the Samsung TV Product API and the Tizen common API as CommonJS or TypeScript APIs.

create-tizen-app supports 4 options. Language (TypeScript/CommonJS), bundler (Webpack/Parcel), extension for editor (VSCode tizentv/Atom tizentv) and WITs.

create-tizen-app options list

create-tizen-app options list

The create-tizen-app package also save you a lot of time when setting up a development environment. Let's see how it works!

Run create-tizen-app

Run create-tizen-app

For TypeScript Developer

If you are familiar with TypeScript or want to build with TypeScript, then you need to install all the packages listed in table 1. Check out the sample of tizen-tv-webapis and the sample of tizen-common-web.

Fpr CommonJS Developer

If you are familiar with CommonJS (node developer), then you just need to install the CommonJS packages. Check out the sample of tizen-common-web and the sample of tizen-tv-webapis for details.


Tizen Web Device API


We have focused onto converting frequently used APIs. So some modules are not supported in TypeScript. However, if you need other Tizen Web Device APIs, then create a new issue on our github about the request and we will review it.

Table 3. Supported TypeScript API of Tizen Web Device API
API Description Since
Application Access information about currently running
and installed applications, and control the applications.
Content Discover multimedia content, such as
images, videos, and music, on the device.
Filesystem Access the files and directories
in the device file system.
Package Install and uninstall packages, and retrieve information
about installed packages.
Tizen Access basic definitions used in the Tizen Web Device API. 1.0
TVAudioControl Control the TV audio. 2.3
TVDisplayControl Manage stereoscopic 3D effects for TV signals. 2.3
TVInfo Get information about TV setting. 2.4
TVInputDevice Handle key presses from input devices, such as a remote control. 2.3
TVWindow Control TV windows, such as a PiP window. 2.3
SystemInfo Retrieve information about device capabilities,
such as the display, network, and storage.

Samsung Product API

We support TypeScript APIs of the entire Samsung Product API. If you got any problems, please report your issue to our repository.

Table 4. Samsung TV Product APIs
API Description Since
WebAPI Access the basic definitions used
in the Samsung Product API for Smart TVs.
AdInfo Retrieve advertising identifier information. 2.4
AppCommon Switch the screensaver on and off. 2.3
ASFService Share media content between DLNA-certified
devices by initializing and using the AllShare Framework.
Retrieve a list of discovered AllShare devices with a Specified ID
or information about media files and folders,
such as the file extension and size, and content duration.
AVInfo Retrieve information about the screen and audio modes of the TV.
You can also set the widescreen mode.
AVPlay Implement audio and video playback. 2.3
Billing Develop a billing system for your application,
to allow users to make purchases within your application.
DrmInfo Retrieve DRM information. 2.3
Microphone Manage a microphone connected to the TV. 2.3
Network Access information about the network connection
and connection-related events.
Preview Use Smart Hub Preview to show deep links
to application content.
ProductInfo Retrieve information about the TV, such as the device unique ID (DUID),
and the model code. You can also retrieve and
set system configuration parameters.
Sso Access the single sign-on (SSO) features. 2.3
TvInfo Manage the TV settings. 2.3
WidgetData Store data in the application secure storage. 2.3

More information

If you are unfamiliar with TypeScript, learn more at What is TypeScript?.