Xamarin.Forms API References

You can efficiently build your Tizen .NET application UI and its supporting logic using the Xamarin.Forms APIs.

Xamarin.Forms provides APIs that allow you to create user interfaces that can be shared across platforms. The Tizen .NET Visual Studio extension enables Tizen support for Xamarin.Forms.

For Xamarin.Forms documentation, see the Xamarin.Forms API Reference.

The following table lists known issues and limitations specific to using Xamarin.Forms in .NET TV applications only.

Table 1. Xamarin.Forms limitations on TVs
Class Property Description
Button Height These properties must be greater than 80 px, otherwise focus does not function as expected.
BackgroundColor This property is ignored when the Button element is focused.

For a complete list of additional known issues and limitations in using Xamarin.Forms APIs with Tizen, see Current Xamarin.Forms Limitations.