'Tizen::TV::Service::Adinfo::Adinfo' class Reference

  1. TIFA is a Samsung Smart TV identifier made and used for the purpose of providing advertising on Samsung Smart TVs.

  2. You may collect and use the TIFA and the personal information based on the TIFA (collectively 'TIFA Information') through your application for the following purposes. Collecting or using the TIFA Information for any other purpose is prohibited.

    • In-app advertisements
    • Installation of other applications through your in-app advertisement
    • launching another application (including apps already installed on the Samsung Smart TV), web browser or video player through your in-app advertisement
    • Collecting the app usage data related to the in-app advertisement (e.g. in-app subscription, in-app contents purchasement, or etc) for the purpose of analyzing in-app advertisement attribution
  3. In the event a user resets the TIFA, you agree not to map or associate any previous TIFA with the newly generated TIFA ('mapping' means tracking and identifying any previous TIFA with the newly generated TIFA).

  4. You agree not to connect the TIFA to personally-identifiable information or associated with any persistent device identifier (e.g. DUID, MAC address, etc).

  5. You agree to use encrypted protocol (e.g: https) when the TIFA is sent outside the device.

  6. You agree to comply with all applicable privacy and data protection laws and regulations including getting prior consent from the user regarding your collection and use of the TIFA Information.

  7. You may be unable to register your application on the Samsung Smart TV, or your registration may be cancelled if you are found to be in violation of the above said obligations.

I agree and commit to comply with all policies and restrictions regarding TIFA and TV Ad platform listed in this page. Also I agree to T&Cs of D-Forum linked in the bottom of the website.