Pepper API References

You can develop Native Client (NaCl) applications using the Pepper APIs.


Due to NaCl deprecation by the Chromium project, Tizen TV will continue its support for NaCl only until 2021-year products. Meanwhile, Tizen TV will start focusing on high-performance, cross-browser WebAssembly from 2020-year products.

The following table lists the NaCl toolchain version and Pepper API that must be used for each TV model year. All of the toolchain versions are supported on Windows®, Unix, and macOS operating systems.

Table 1. TV model year support
TV Model Year Toolchain Version API
2018 Samsung NaCl toolchain version 56 Pepper_56 API References
2017 Samsung NaCl toolchain version 47 Pepper_47 API References
2016 Samsung NaCl toolchain version 42 Pepper_42 API References
2015 Samsung NaCl toolchain version 37 Pepper_37 API References
2014 Samsung NaCl toolchain version 31 Pepper_31 API References

For information on which Pepper API interfaces are supported on various TV models, see the Product Compatibility Matrix.