Documentation Overview

The SDK Documentation of the product, is structured into several parts, each represented in the left navigation bar of the web page.

  1. General Guides: This section contains guides for creating custom tasks, managing health data, and using HealthStack Backend Integration. Each guide is accessible via a unique URL and is available in both web and PDF formats.

  2. Reference: Contains information about all package with stack.

    1. App Support: This is a dedicated section for app support. The information in this section is also available in both web and PDF formats.

    2. Backend Integration: Here, you can find information about the Healthstack Adapter and Interface, with each having its own dedicated URL.

    3. Healthdata Link: This section details about Healthconnect, Healthplatform, and another Interface. Again, each of these topics has its own URL and can be accessed in both web and PDF formats.

    4. Kit: This section is solely dedicated to the 'Kit', with a separate URL for it.