Samsung Health Stack is an open-source technology stack offering end-to-end solutions for collecting and analyzing data from wearable devices in Android and Wear OS environments. With applications ranging from medical research to clinician services and beyond, this tech stack provides the tools and infrastructure necessary to expedite the development and deployment of health-based studies.

The framework includes:

  • Samsung Health Stack App SDK: A Software Development Kit for building Android and Wear OS apps capable of collecting data from wearable devices.
  • Web Portal: A customizable interface for creating surveys, managing team members, tracking participants, and analyzing data.
  • Backend Services: API endpoints to access and interact with a robust data engine.

The Galaxy Watch 5 has been extensively tested for compatibility with this tech stack. Other devices may work but have not been officially tested.

You can start by installing the components of the tech stack. Here are the links to the installation guides:

Samsung Health Stack App SDK

The App SDK simplifies the creation of mobile apps that collect data from participants. It provides building blocks for participant onboarding and consent, survey presentation, participant task creation, visual reporting, and data management. For further details, please check SDK Documentation

Web Portal

The Web Portal is a dashboard for interactive data visualization and study management. It offers a platform for managing research team members, creating and deploying app content such as participant surveys, tracking study participant activity, and analyzing participant data. Please note, as of now, Chrome is the only browser supported for accessing the web portal.

Backend Services

The Backend Services provide a set of API endpoints for data storage, retrieval, and analysis. This allows your application to interact with the data engine, performing operations as needed. For more details, visit the REST API Documentation.

How does it all fit all together?



As an open-source project, Samsung Health Stack welcomes contributions from the developer community. If you'd like to contribute, check out Contributing to the Open Source Project.

Samsung Health Stack strives to make the process of creating and managing health studies more efficient and accessible. Through its comprehensive suite of tools and services, it serves as a robust foundation for health-based projects.