Add and Edit In-lab Visit

To add an In-Lab Visit to Study Management of your study. When you scroll down within `Participant Management, you will see a section called In-lab Visit.


  1. Click on Add In-lab Visit. This will pop up the information collection screen.


  2. Add all the information for the In-Lab Visit. You can attach any files and add any notes relating to the visit.


  3. After the information is added, click Save. If you decide to click Cancel, a warning popup will show.


  4. Once the content is saved, it will show within the In-lab Visit dashboard.


  5. You can edit notes, download visit information, or edit the whole visit from here.


  6. When editing notes, a new window will pop up. Click Edit note to edit the information.


  7. The download button will start the download process, and when the information is downloaded successfully, it will show the following:


  8. Editing the whole visit will show a similar window as adding a visit and you can edit any information. Click Save when done.