Research Study Portal Overview

The Research Study Portal is a cutting-edge digital platform meticulously crafted to meet the diverse needs of contemporary researchers. It acts as a centralized hub for managing every facet of research studies, from inception to culmination. Here is a comprehensive overview of its salient features and the associated guidance provided to optimize user experience.

Key Features:

  1. Team Management

    • The portal allows for the effortless management of team members by enabling the assignment of roles and the provision of role-based access control. This ensures that each member has the right level of access and capabilities to perform their tasks efficiently.
  2. Content Deployment

    • Users can create, preview, group, schedule, and publish surveys with ease. The portal offers a variety of configurable question types, skip logic functionalities, and the option to incorporate educational content, providing a versatile tool for data collection.
  3. Participant Interaction

    • The platform facilitates smooth onboarding of participants and enables tracking of their consent, survey responses, and both in-lab and online activity. This ensures comprehensive monitoring and interaction with the participants for the success of the study.
  4. Data Analysis

    • The portal offers a suite of analysis tools, allowing users to view analytics, graphs, charts, and individual results. Additionally, it supports running data queries and exporting data for external examination, ensuring thorough analysis of the collected information.

Available Documentation:

  • Account Settings

    • Guidance is available for resetting passwords, ensuring that users can maintain the security of their accounts.
  • Activity Types

    • Comprehensive documentation provides an overview of different activity types and guides users through the process of creating an activity, allowing for the customization of the study as per the research needs.
  • Content Creation

    • Detailed instructions are available for creating and grouping surveys, previewing, scheduling, publishing, and configuring question types. Additionally, guidance on employing skip logic (survey branching) is provided to facilitate complex survey designs.
  • Educational Content

    • Users are guided on how to add educational content to their studies, enhancing the learning experience for the participants.
  • In-Lab Visits

    • Instructions for adding and editing in-lab visits, as well as an overview of in-lab visits, are available to assist researchers in managing lab-based components of their studies.
  • Results Analysis

    • The portal provides extensive guidance on exporting data for external analysis, running data queries, viewing graphs, charts, and individual results, enabling researchers to derive meaningful insights from their data.
  • Study Execution

    • Comprehensive documentation is available on collecting survey and sensor data, onboarding participants, tracking survey responses, and viewing survey analytics, ensuring smooth execution of the study.
  • Study Management

    • Detailed guides on creating a study, managing members, and understanding team roles and role-based access control are available to facilitate effective study management.

In summary, the Research Study Portal is a holistic solution, meticulously designed to simplify and streamline the multifaceted processes integral to research studies. Whether administering surveys, analyzing results, or managing a team, the portal provides an extensive suite of tools and guidance to support researchers in their endeavors.