Running a Data Query

Querying within the web portal allows you to gain some simple insights into your data. You can run queries at any point in the study.

For more detailed analysis, refer to Exporting Data for External Analysis.

To run a data query:

  1. From the Data Insights page, in the Data Query section, select a table from the Select a table list to set the query input to SELECT * FROM <table> and populate Query Results with all rows of the table.


  2. Adjust the SELECT * FROM <table> query statement using any valid SQL syntax.

    Changing the table automatically updates the Select a table list selection.

  3. Click the standard column header arrows to sort the output on a particular column.

  4. Hover over a column header and click the X to remove the column from the query.

  5. Click Run to apply your adjustments and rerun the query.